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The double-diamond graphic in the logos of Authenticity Enterprises represents the “diamond anvil.”  
As reported in Physical Review Focus, this photo shows a sample of the elemental metal osmium being squeezed under 600,000 atmospheres of pressure on an anvil (two diamonds separated by a thin metal gasket with 
a hole in the center) by Hyunchae Cynn and his colleagues at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The anvil’s hole is filled with osmium powder; argon was added to distribute the pressure evenly. X-ray diffraction patterns show the spacing between osmium atoms in the sample at different pressures. 
The result: Osmio's bulk modulus of 462 GPa means that osmium holds up
to pressure better than any other known substance. It is stiffer even than diamond, whose bulk modulus is a mere 443 GPa.
In addition to the analogy of ultimate resistance to pressure – pressure from the incursion of corruption and crime, in the case of the digital world – the element osmio is the inspiration for the name of Authenticity’s source of governance, The City of Osmio. 
Photo courtesy of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
What Do the Double Diamonds Mean?